Monday, October 13, 2008

Podcast Review

You might have heard how much rain we get in our beloved Portland, and most of us kind of like it. When the rain pours, we get to stay inside and work on our DIY projects, write novels, practice yoga, and eat lots of chocolate. That means we need to find podcasts to listen to, so we don't have to turn on "As The World Turns" or "Racheal Ray."

In this blog, I will write a podcast review whenever I find one I absolutely have to tell you about. has more than six hundred free podcasts. The most recent program from "WBGH Forum Network Book Tour" helps you combat Palin fatigue with brilliant evolutionist Lynn Margulis. In this talk, Margulis tells stories from her latest book Luminous Fish: Tales of Science and Love.

You need to have a fascination with science and bacteria and vivid descriptions like "spirocetes munching on Nietzche's braincells" to enjoy Margulis weave the story of Nietzsche's struggle with syphilis to the facts about the disease your doctor won't tell you. She describes our modern day delusions about the syphilitic cells doctors claim to be killing with antibiotics, while in reality the spirocetes lie dormant in cysts waiting to reawaken. And Nietzche's genius may have been partly caused by the illness. He did some of his most brilliant work the year before he was taken over by thrid stage madness. Take that story of evolution Miss Palin

Margulis has a strong enthusiastic voice that leads you through a "red shoe" dilemma she found herself in while pursuing her passion for science while trying to keep her family happy. . . and her hatred of the word, "role model."

You've got to hear this podcast. It's really interesting!


  1. I love Portland. I have a couple of friends who live there and get down there from Seattle every couple of months to visit. If you are into Prtlamd and alternative lifestyles check out the web series: "The Bicyclist"

    Thanks and keep blogging

  2. Thanks for stopping by ib. Portland is working really hard to stay one of the most bicycle-friendly city in the US.